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Between the mountains and the sea - a land of culture and beauty

The far south-west of France is a land of contrasts. From the rugged snow-capped mountain peaks of the Pyrenees to the sandy shores of the Mediterranean, all of life's beauty lies between.

Ancient Cathar castles, prehistoric caves, relics of the Roman empire, Moorish and Catalan architecture are all there for lovers of history and culture.


Beautiful wines from the varied independent producers of Languedoc Roussillon perfectly accompany southern French cuisine to provide the visitor with a unique and unforgettable flavour of a region of France which tastes as good as it looks.

The region is formed by three fingers of the Pyrenees mountains which spread south-eastwards from the 270-mile-long range which splits Spain from France, as it descends into the sea.

Three rivers cross the region, L'Agly, Tet and Tech, providing the many vineyards with unique irrigation from the purest of sources. 

The many ports and resorts in the region provide a fascinating coastal fringe to this area of outstanding natural beauty.

Collioure, the jewel of the Cote Vermeille


The gateway to historic Arles Sur Tech


L'Hostal hotel and restaurant Castelnou

Off the beaten track there are many beautiful historic villages in this region.

Ceret, Thuir, Castlenou and Arles Sur Tech may not attract the same number of tourists as Carcassonne and Collioure but they are well worth a visit to discover the fascinating culture and history of these hidden gems. 



The colours of Catalonia on the street signs of Llauro

The historic castle walls of Carcassonne have been painted with "eccentric, concentric" circles to celebrate 50 years of UNESCO world heritage status

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